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More than 25 years experience in dental implants and prosthodontics


Experience Counts

Treatment Options

Single missing teeth
Failing Bridgework
Denture replacement
Fixed or removable options
Toothwear, grinding and parafunction
All in a day immediate replacement for a complete smile

Our scope of care

Crown, Bridgework and Veneers

Complications management, failing implants

Dental implants

Minimally  Invasive Implant Maintenance Programme

Dental Implant Solutions in 3 Easy Steps

Diagnose and plan

This is an essential step to match patients needs and expectations. We also help referring dentists with solutions and plans for more complex treatment.


We place implants with a simple local anaesthetic. Recovery is rapid and uneventful. A typical single tooth surgery will take approximately 30 minutes.


This is the fun part! No anaesthetics, a simple impression or scan and two weeks later fitting your final crown. Smiles and steaks await.

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Our Team


Professor Neil Meredith

Clinical Specialist


Annemarie Meredith

Practice and Qualitymanager


Leesa Tripp

Nursing manager, course co-ordinator

Our Mission

"To give our patients the highest standard of dental care and quality, comfortably, painlessly and economically"


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